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We are currently working on stories regarding patient experiences with heart surgery.  The goal of this section is to provide future patients with a sense of what heart surgery is like.  If you are a previous patient and would like to contribute, please contact us at (949) 650-3350.


Ross Procedure Patient Experience

Ross Procedure Patient Experience

Dear Doctor Raney,

I am so thankful to have a healthy heart. My family and I appreciate the outstanding surgery that you performed on me last March. Now at nine months post op, I'm feeling "normal" and I'm back to running. In fact, I was able to run the Silicon Valley Half Marathon at the end of October. My heart and lungs were fine during the race and I was only limited by my legs (due to minimal training). I look forward to increasing my running in the months ahead.

Thanks for giving me and my heart a second chance.

Don Brady

Ross Procedure
March 14, 2001