Specialists in Cardiac Surgery

Cardiovascular surgery is a complex undertaking that requires the teamwork of a large number of specialists and support staff.  The success of the surgeons at Raney Zusman medical group is made possible by a large number of highly skilled specialists at Hoag Memorial Hospital

Hoag Hospital maintains excellence in all areas of cardiac care, including the following specialists:

Cardiologists are a critical part of the team that manages cardiac surgery patients.  They are highly specialized in medical care for patients with cardiac problems, having completed 3 additional years of training in cardiology after training in internal medicine.  Their many responsibilities include following patients in the hospital, providing care for heart rhythm problems, and the diagnosis of heart problems with imaging technologies including MRI, computed tomography, and echocardiography.

Cardiac Anesthesiologists
Cardiac anesthesiologists are dedicated specialists who are highly skilled in the complexities of providing care to cardiac surgery patients.  Our cardiac anesthesiologists have worked with our surgerons for many years, contributing to our excellent outcomes.

Operating Room Surgical Nurses
Operating room surgical nurses include a dedicated team that work exclusively in cardiac surgery.  This teamwork is critical during the fast pace sequences that may occur in the cardiovascular operating room.

Cardiovascular ICU Nurse Specialists
Cardiovascular ICU nurse specialists are critically important in managing patients after an operation.  These nurse specialists understand the complicated care in cardiac surgery patients, and treat trends before a problem occurs.

Cardiac Perfusionists
Our cardiac perfusionists are skilled technicians that have worked exclusively with our team for years.  Their primary responsibility is to operate the heart-lung machine, which provides oxygenated blood to the entire body while the patient is undergoing cardiac surgery.

Physician Assistants
Our physician assistants work very closely with our surgeons.  They will see the patients, keep updated on patient progress, and will notify the surgeons if any situation that needs to be addressed while the surgeon is in the operating room.  This relationship provides constant care and surveillance to all our surgery patients.

Liason Nurses and Nurse Practitioners
The liason nurses and nurse practitioners are essential members of the cardiac surgery team.  Their responsibilities include coordinating patient care, discharging patients and ensuring the proper follow-up after cardiac surgery.

Intensivists are doctors specialized in critical care medicine.  They are onsite 24 hours a day to address the needs of any critically ill cardiac surgery patient

Telemetry Unit CV Nurse Specialists
Telemetry Unit Cardiovascular nurse specialiststs receive patients from intensive care unit, usually after one night.  They provide the transition from the critical care phase to ambulation and preparation for discharge home

Specialty Consultants
Hoag hospital has excellent physicians from all speciality fields, including pulmonary, infectious disease, renal, hematology, gastroenterology, and endocrinology.  This cadre of specialists is  available for patients who often have pre-existing diseases and require special attention for lung, infections, kidney, blood, GI and diabetes management.

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